I help divorced or separated women get

mentally and physically healthy

in a simple, sustainable way.

It's time to transform.

Are you ready?

Does this sound familiar?

You are somewhere in the quicksand of ending a long relationship. You're stuck and not sure what decisions to make.
You feel confused, guilty, angry, sad, overwhelmed... sometimes all of the above!
Juggling the demands of a newly single life; kids, work, finances, a home, a different sort of social life, is overwhelming.
The prospect of dating again feels scary and/or really exciting.
You wish you'd taken better care of yourself in your marriage, both physically and emotionally.
Now that you're single (or almost single) you want to lose weight or get fit. You have nagging health issues you'd like to address so you can focus on creating a brand new life.
You feel like you need a total reboot!

If so, you've come to the right place!

"Adele is a great listener, empathetic, non-judgmental, engaging, real and funny! She held me accountable and also had compassion for me when I didn't follow through."

— Kelly B

What clients are saying...

" Having Adele hold me accountable really worked! Not only have I changed my habits in a sustainable way, she challenged me to think differently. I now know my health isn't about having a perfect body but my life as a whole."

— Liz S


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