Better than ever!

I work with divorced or separated women to reduce stress and get mentally and physically healthy so they can feel powerful and free.

Does this sound familiar? ​

  • Do you feel in the quicksand of ending a long relationship?

  • Do you feel confused, guilty, angry, sad, overwhelmed or maybe all of these emotions?

  • ​Does it feel like your new juggling act in single life
    — kids, work, finances, a home, a different sort of social life
    — is totally overwhelming?


  • ​The prospect of dating again scary and or really exciting.

  • ​Maybe you wish you'd taken better care of yourself in your marriage: both physically and emotionally and now that you are single (or almost single!) you want to lose weight and/or get fit.

  • ​Do you have nagging health symptoms you'd like to banish so you can focus on creating a brand-new life?

It's time for a total reboot.

And you've come to the right place!

Are you ready?

My coaching is for a separated or divorced woman who is:

  • READY and COMMITTED to totally transforming her mind and body 

  • Frustrated with getting NOWHERE through traditional therapy and/or doctors and medications 

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired 

  • STUCK in old patterns that keep repeating themselves

  • Beating herself up for not being in the relationship / the body she wants

  • Ready to level up all areas of her life 

You will learn: ​

  • How to decrease the stress of divorce 

  • How to balance all the demands that come with being newly single (kids, work, your home, finances, dating!)

  • How to overcome what has been keeping you STUCK in your relationship, your health and/or your life overall 

  • How to change the thought patterns that hold you back

  • How to alleviate nagging physical symptoms 

  • How to look and feel your best EVER

  • How to create lifelong healthy habits that won't feel like a struggle to maintain

I use a combination of innovative mindset strategies, cutting edge specialty Functional Medicine testing and powerful coaching techniques for a complete transformation of the mind and body.  

My Program: ​

I would love to get to know you, help you find solutions to what's holding you back from feeling your absolute best and having the life of your dreams.


Let's chat about your concerns and goals for the future so you can be BETTER THAN EVER,  ASAP! 

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