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Get Unstuck!

You have two options : evolve or repeat.

Do you feel stuck? Do you believe that something you long for is out of reach? Did someone tell you that it's not practical or realistic or just not possible for you? That annoys me more than anything! Maybe your doctor has told you there is nothing you can do to heal -- you just have to take meds for the rest of your life. Maybe you keep hearing "there are no good men out there" so you'd better settle. Maybe you believe you can't leave the job you hate because you won't make enough money doing something you'll enjoy ("that's why they call it 'work' after all!"). No matter what your specific situation, what is keeping you stuck is the underlying belief that change isn't possible or even acceptable. The solution begins with a shift in those beliefs.

I was once told "your problem is you haven't accepted your lot in life." At the time, a part of me thought, "maybe that's right. Maybe I need to count my blessings. Maybe I need to be more Buddhist!" I did, and still do, believe in the power of gratitude, and knew how lucky I was in so many ways. Another part of me felt enraged, and wanted to prove that person wrong. As infuriated as I felt at the time, today I understand that feeling was a blessing. It propelled me to make changes in my life I thought I never could.

You can feel gratitude for where you are right now AND want more!

Back then, I was in a stable, yet stagnant marriage. I was living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a stay-at-home Mom to two young children, and felt very fortunate to be able to do so. I was better off than how I grew up: I had lived and traveled abroad; I lived in a city I loved in a great apartment; I didn't have money worries! It truly was quite a nice life and I was well aware that most people would KILL for the life I had. Yet deep inside, I felt STUCK. I had a lifelong passion for health which I did not know how to channel. I felt a void that had been left years before when I'd disconnected from religion and spirituality. I craved a more satisfying relationship. I longed, in other words, for GROWTH.

For years, I had been pushing all those feelings deep down inside, because I thought to not be totally happy with such a life must mean there was something wrong with me. And I worked VERY hard at being happy with where I was. I wasn't miserable; far from it! However, I found that like someone trying to shove a beach ball under the waves, inevitably the feelings of unease would always spring up and hit me in the face.

THEN I experienced something that transformed me on a deep level and has affected everything in my life. That something was a SHIFT IN MY BELIEFS.

That shift happened gradually. Over several years, through a variety of means, I learned that in order to HAVE something different, I had to first BE different, and then DO different. I now believe that I deserve, as much as anyone else, to pursue my dreams. I know that what I want is possible. I think that it's actually selfish to NOT share my gifts with the world. I have learned that when I share myself openly with others, we all benefit. So who I AM today, is a vulnerable, confident and powerful woman who uses those traits to serve the world around me!

What I HAVE now, is the exact work I've always wanted: supporting women in transforming their health, and their lives as a whole. I have a connection with spirituality in a way that suits the grown-up me. I have as much adventure and FUN and LOVE as I had always longed for. I am living a life of growth and fulfillment beyond measure.

You CAN create what you want: abundant good health and a life of joy, purpose and peace (or whatever words you'd like to supply here!). Your life is up to YOU.

I'd love to support you in creating exactly what you envision for yourself. No matter what you have been told, change IS possible.

Are YOU ready to get unstuck?

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